A Visit to Iceland

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Iceland is a country where even if you had all the time in the world, you would never be able to see all of which it has to offer. Sitting on an active fault line, the island is full of raging volcanoes, spewing glaciers and erupting geysirs.

We travelled around the south west corner of the island, where the majority of the population lives; this is the easiest area to access because it is near the Reykjavik airport, however if you seek greater solitude then you can travel across to the other side.

We started by visiting the Geysirs. These are spewing cauldrons of mantle heated water, which explode every seven minutes or so with a huge splash! Just round the corner is Gullfoss, one of Iceland’s many waterfalls, which is famous for being the largest in Europe. The torrent pouring over it is magnificent, and the wooden walkways allow you to travel right up to the spectacle.

Steam rises from Gullfoss

The best way to travel around Iceland is by renting a car or camper van, because it gives you so much freedom when visiting sites, and means you can be as adventurous as you like.

Another great waterfall is Skogafoss, which is on the south coast of the island, and probably the most impressive waterfall on Iceland. If you visit in spring, then you can witness the power of this waterfall in its prime due to all the meltwater from the snow and glaciers. You can climb up round the side of this waterfall and capture some amazing photos, or dare to go as close as you can to its thunderous base.

A perfect sheet of water cascades down Skogafoss

Balancing on a pinnacle next to skogafoss

Iceland is also famous for its hot springs, and you should really make a trip to experience bathing in one of these natural wonders. We took a trip in a “Superjeep” up into the mountains, and went swimming in a boiling hot stream while it was -4 degrees! the most famous hot spring is the blue lagoon, because of its proximity to the airport, and it’s a great idea to go just before your flight. Make sure you pick up one of the famous Icelandic woollen jumpers, they may be expensive, but all the locals where them for a reason: They’re so warm! I wear mine all the time, and often instead of a coat.

Huddling on the edge of a volcano crater

As I said earlier, make sure you give yourself more time in Iceland than you think you will need, just because of all the amazing things there are to see and do. It’s one of my favourite countries in the world, and I’m sure it will be yours to as well.