Best Travel iPhone Cases

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The iPhone is a beatiful piece of crafted machinery, and more of a piece of artwork than a tool. But it doesn’t look so pretty once its been droped down a flight of steps in Cambodia or shredded by the white sandy beaches of the Seychelles.

iPhones and cases are meant to be together, and you are definitely going to need one when you travel. Here’s a list of my personal favourites:

1. Lifeproof


Lifeproof cases are pretty much indestructable. They’re everthing-you-can-think-of-proof, and all in a very slim package. I used this case when searching for dolphins in Galicia and hiking below Mt.Toubkal in Morocco, and it survived every drop and scrape that was thrown at it. Best of all: you can wash it down with a hose when it gets dirty! The only thing that lets it down is the price tag.

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2. Belroy


Belroy are the gods of leather, and construct beautiful wallets as well as phone cases. Their aim is to make everything as slim as possible, and their iPhone case definitely approves with that. This case provides ample protection, with the benefit of a card holder on the back for your go to items; this would be great for city breaks and small adventures, but not the best for your long haul nomadic epics!

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3. Mophie


When you’re on the road, losing battery can not only be a pain in the ass but also quite life theatning; your phone is probably your only means of contact, and so you’re scuppered without it. But the mophie case is here to the rescue, with a whopping battery pack built into the back which will more than double your charge, letting you keep on scrolling and surfing for as long as you want!

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4. Spigen


Spigen are the middle ground between the bombproof ness of a lifeproof case and the sleekness of the belroy. This case provides all the protection you need, at a competitive size and an extremely competitive price. Spigen aren’t vey well known, but their cases are good quality and are extremely ergonomic. This has got to be the overall winner of the best travel iphone case.

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