B’twin Triban 500 Road Bike

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The B’twin Triban 500 road bike is arguably the best bike out there for someone who needs something powerful, but on a low-budget. Price: £260

To make the Triban so cheap, B’twin have made sacrifices in some areas. The gears are SRAM X-3, which are perfectly fine on the flat, but start to lack in efficiency when they are put in high load situations (such as going up hills). The Hutchinson Equinox 23c tyres are extremely thin, which gives a huge turn of pace when the lights go green; the only thing they lack on is comfort, which is fine if you’re on roads, but if you go on anything slightly bumpy then you’ll really start to feel it. I got the flat bar version because it gives more comfort and control when cycling around town, but there is also a drop bar version if you want to use this bike for something more serious. For a bike of this price, the aluminium frame is just ridiculously light at 10.9kg, which seriously helps when running up stairs or getting it in the back of your car.

Lightning fast

The Triban 500 is a beauty and a beast. The performance driven bike is matched with a sleek matte black finish, and smart orange and white stripes around the frame. The structure is very simple, mostly aluminium tubes, but that almost makes it more beautiful, and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd with this stealthy design. Everyone one I’ve talked to has been impressed, and even people in the street have believed it to be a £500+ bike.

A beauty and a beast

At the astonishingly low price of £260, this Bike acts like one way out of its price range. The riding experience is fantastic; and the appearance is even better. If you want this bike for leisure, then it’s probably not for you just because of how firm the ride is, but instead for someone who wants a bike which is FAST.
The B’twin 500 is a specialised bike at a not so specialised price.

Decathlon – B’twin Triban 500

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  • Pete

    Love the review. Picked it up on the Decathlon website.

    • Whitley Travels

      Thanks Pete! You’re going to love it!

  • David Alonso

    Great review!I also saw your comment on Decathlon.es

    Thanks again from Spain 🙂

    • Nick Whitley

      Thanks David! Happy Cycling!

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