4 Weeks in Thailand

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Bangkok Bangkok is the most full on city I have ever been to. After 16 hours of travel, we stumbled out onto Koh San road; the backpacker centre of the city. The first thing to hit you is the heat, and then the noise; the whole city is buzzing with motors, music and shouting. Being a western traveler, we were … Read More

How I Cycled Camino de Santiago

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The quote “Life is a journey, not a destination” by Ralph Waldo Emerson is one which truly resembles the uniqueness of the Camino de Santiago. After I cycled Camino de Santiago, I feel that I have experienced so much more than just a dirt track, I have experienced what it truly means to be a pilgrim, and understood why so … Read More

The Forces that Created Dartmoor

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‘Assess the significance of both endogenic and exogenic forces in shaping the landscape and landforms of Dartmoor’ Dartmoor is a geographical goldmine, and as Alan Lee quotes: “Dartmoor contains such a rich variety of landscape, as many boulders, foaming rivers and twisted trees as my heart could ever desire”. Dartmoor was declared a national park in 1951, and it covers … Read More

Venice – The Best City Break?

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With over 400 cities in Europe, it can be a daunting prospect choosing which one to visit; however Venice is arguably the best. With no roads on the whole island, you have to weave your way through tight canals on a small gondola or dart through crowded streets. It’s a surreal experience wandering through the alleyways and across spanning bridges, … Read More

A Visit to Iceland

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Iceland is a country where even if you had all the time in the world, you would never be able to see all of which it has to offer. Sitting on an active fault line, the island is full of raging volcanoes, spewing glaciers and erupting geysirs. We travelled around the south west corner of the island, where the majority … Read More