Come to Morocco

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Our trip to Morocco was born from our passion to see something different. The idea of going to a bland European country seemed to become stale, and our appetites wished for something which would be truly new and undiscovered. Morocco was the perfect place.

Morocco is a full on shock to the senses. There is nowhere else which is so close to the UK which truly has a complete cultural difference. From the hectic vibe of the cities to the rocky crags of the mountains, it really is a country which suits all tastes for ADVENTURE.

We began the trip in Marrakech, a single flight away from Gatwick. Rabat may be the capital, but Marrakech is definitely THE place to go. The souks in the centre of the city are nothing like you have ever seen before; The utter chaos is incredible. Men whizz past you on motorbikes, while others shout at you to come buy something in their door front shop. The art of haggling is a very difficult one to grasp, but all you need to remember is that they’re asking for double the usual price, so start at a lot lower than you think. A good place to visit is the ancient student university, which not only gives you a break from the city, but is also and amazing place with beautiful architecture. Another popular area is the main square, which in the day time is full of snake charmers and stalls, and then at night turns into a huge party with music and restaurants. All this action can really exhaust you, and so there is nothing better than returning for a swim in the Riad. the riads are all over Marrakech, and offer a similar vibe of vine courtyards and dark swimming pools.

Breakfast in Marrakech

After two days in Marrakech, we departed for the Atlas mountains. This was probably the most authentic experience of the whole trip, and I would highly advise you to stay in the Kasbah du Toubkal. The Kasbah rests on a hill top below the might of Mt. Toubkal (the highest mountain in northern Africa), and the only way to access it is by walking up through the small village of Imlil, with your suitcases being carried by mules. When you are there, you are offered dates and goats milk, before sitting down for a candlelit Moroccan dinner.

The area is surrounded by hundreds of hiking tracks, and our guide, Ibrahim, took us up to the white temple on the fist day, and then to the top of a 7000ft peak the next. It is a completely different experience to Marrakech, just because of how relaxed it it, and you feel like you are in Nepal with all the small villages and craggy mountains. A hot Hammam and a cold plunge pool are graciously accepted at the end of a day of hiking.

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Taking in the view

The last three days were spent near Essaouira, a costal town, where we surfed and explored the unique city. Board hire and meals are quite cheap by the beach, and so its a great place to go for any sort of surf trip; our man Ali sorted us out with a deal for three days (make sure you have a camel ride along the beach!).

Discovering Essaouira

The city of Essaouira is painted blue and white, and old canons and fortresses still line the city. The vibe is a lot more chilled out here compared to Marrakech, and you could spend a whole day exploring the fish markets and shops.

Catch of the day

Overall, Morocco is a definite place to visit if you want to see something new and different, and the variety of experiences is just incredible. Our round trip took us 10 days, but you can choose any amount of time to discover this amazing country.