ENO Sub7 Hammock Review

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I never used to bring a hammock with me; I always thought it was the reserve of old sea dogs in galleons and middle-aged men in their back garden. But when I was given the opportunity to try out the new ENO Sub7 hammock, it was a bit of a revelation.


ENO Sub7 Hammock

The ENO Sub7 hammock is stupidly light. I mean it’s under 7 ounces (184 grams), which is lighter than my “ultralight” jacket. It’s also surprisingly durable, and although you are certain that the thin material will tear under your weight the first time you lie on it, you become more and more confident with the unreal strength of the fabric. In the end, I was literally throwing myself into it with no hesitation. The trick with the weight scenario is that the hammock itself is under 7 ounces, but that does not include the straps which are needed to attach it to a tree or pole. The hammock itself comes with carabiners on each end, but they’re pretty limited as what you can attach them to without the extra straps. This means that the combined weight of the hammock and the necessary straps is actually 10.6oz. However, all in all this is still incredibly light and worth it for the pleasure and comfort it gives.


Eagle nest have done a remarkable job of making the ENO Sub7 hammock extremely simple and quick to put up. It takes me less than a minute between finding the idyllic location and being sprawled out like fruit drying in the sun. This is done by removing the necessity of tying knots by just using a carabine and a thread-through loop. I was daunted at first to get a hammock because of previous nightmares with garden hammocks which break or slip mid-nap. However, the straps were very strong and grippy, with a combined breaking strain of 300lbs.


Overall, I was pretty impressed with this little ENO Sub7 hammock (“little” in weight, not size) and it will definitely come in use when chilling on a beach or sleeping wild in the mountains. The mellow swing of a hammock in a gentle breeze is one of those things which makes life that little bit sweeter.

Get your ENO Sub7 hammock here.