What Gear to Take Cycling on Camino de Santiago

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Camino de Santiago Kit List

The Camino de Santiago is no walk in the park, especially if you are cycling. Therefore, the gear you bring on your bike for the Camino de Santiago must be the best you can afford:

Front Bag – Dry Bag

I used a small dry bag for my clothes which I attached to the front handlebars. I found there to be plenty of space and it didn’t slip out once; but beware: the compressed space can lead to some very bad whiff! We would also string a plastic bag across the handlebars which had all of our food and snacks in it. This was actually the most used bag of the trip, and it was brilliant to be able to reach in and grab stuff like crisps or your pilgrims passport while riding.


Packing up the bikes…


Mountain Equipment Jumper: Thin but warm ski touring jumper

2 x T-shirts: Should have brought merino instead of cotton

Swimming trunks: For relaxing and swimming (obviously)

Smart Shirt: Always be prepared to become dapper in an instant

Chinos: For travel and restaurants

Travel towel: actually quite useful, but was too small to wrap around me completely which turned out to be a bit of a problem when we accidentally took a shower in the ladies bathroom!

Silk Sleeping Bag Liner: Necessary for all albergues. Get this silk one, you can thank me later.

3 x boxers, 2 x socks: I was able to wash these out in sinks

Rear Bag – Endure 13l saddle bag

The rear saddle bag was very useful because I could access its contents without taking it off the bike. I had my anker power port solar lite attached to the top of the saddle bag along the route, but it actually fell off when we were coming down a steep trail, never to be seen again!


Powerport solar lite: attached on top

Dynafit ultralight Gore-tex active jacket: Weighs nothing and is very waterproof

Suncream: Factor 50 bois

Pilgrims passport: You’ve gotta get stamps along the way to prove you’ve done the route.

Almonds: I love me some almonds

Gopro + accessories: I took my GoPro with a mini gorilla pod and a spare battery; very limited, but space was a premium.

Sony a6000: I took this camera to get good imagery of the trip; I used the controversial 16-50 kit lens, but the portability and versatility outweighed the poor image quality.

Top tube – High 5 Fuel pod

I had this fuel pod which High 5 sent to me, and I stashed it with gels, my phone, wallet and keys. This decreased the number stops and kept a good pace.


All the bags packed!


Charity sports vest: This was very cooling and light, but the tan lines were pretty horrific!

Endura Cycle shorts: Padding is VITAL

Specialised gloves: keep your paws in good knick

Specialised Chamonix Helmet: Best to bring the lightest helmet you can afford

SunGod Polarised Shades: I love these glasses and they were invaluable on this trip; wrap arounds might have been more appropriate but I wasn’t gonna by some just for this trip when I already had these beauties lying around.

Nike Free 4.0: We decided not to wear cycling shoes because most of our trip was on small dirt tracks, and the nikes are just so much more practical. Chalk brought flip flops as well, but these broke after a few days due to the nature of the trip.

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There are many a good hill climb on the Camino

There are many a good hill climb on the Camino