High5 Sports Nutrition for Beginners

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Sometimes travel doesn’t mean lounging out in the first class lounge or backpacking through all the full-moon parties in Thailand; sometimes you’ve actually gotta put your back into a real adventure to reap the full benefits of exploration. For me, this involves a week-long ski touring trip of the world-famous ”Haute Route” coming up in five weeks, and I know there is no chance I’ll be able to make it up the first hill without some kind of training. I ran 4km the other day and nearly died, collapsed after attempting a single pull up and the three-letter word ”gym” gives me a greater sense of fear than the reckless drivers from Morocco. So you get the point, I need to get fit.

High5 nutrition thought they’d help me out by sending some well needed supplies to push me through this pretty intense training plan ahead of me. High5 supply food and drink for world-class athletes before, during and after their activity, wether they’re in the olympic stadium on race day or just on a leisurely bike ride. I was pretty perplexed with all the gels and powder which spilled out of the selection box they sent me, and was amazed at how much stuff they had managed to fit in.


To start with, the box contained several gels, some large and containing big doses of caffeine, while others were small and sleek. This is mainly to be used during your exercise, and I found that they actually give an amazing boost to the exercise you’re doing, and it gave me the much-needed energy to complete my first 10k! For cycling as well, which has become a large part of my training routine, the gels fit perfectly into the frame bar pouch, meaning that I can access the energy while still going at full throttle. The texture is pretty weird at first, but you soon realise that after you’re a half hour into your cycle you really couldn’t give a sh*t.


For before and during the exercise, the new Zero Tropical Tablets are a god send, and they not only make your water taste great but are essential for good hydration. You just pop one or two into the supplied 750ml water bottle and your sorted; what people don’t realise is that hydration isn’t just about drinking vast amounts of water, but you need to fuel your body with more electrolytes and magnesium. In the pack there are also energy powders and protein shakes. The energy powders are great for putting into your water during the race, and have a high content of carbohydrate and sugar, while the protein can be used after your work out to seriously help get your swell on! I found that these powders can make the water bottle taste a bit funny after use, but I only use it for exercise so it’s fine.


Talking about recovery, it’s key to have a good nutrition programme after your workout as well. The newly released ProteinSnack bars were a really good substitute for the traditional protein shake because I find it pretty grim to down a whole bottle of chocolate gunk just after a strenuous workout. The ProteinSnack is made from brazil,goji and chia so it’s really tasty and healthy (Gluten and lactose free!). With 12g of protein per bar, you’re actually getting more than some shakes, so it’s a win, win situation.

To summarise, from being a once stagnant sceptic on the whole sports nutrition malady, I’m now a complete fanatic, and every day I feel that little bit more prepared to take on the challenge that awaits! Check out High5 Sports Nutrition on their website here, and start getting fit!


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