The Hydroflask 32oz Widemouth

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Chugging down water from a sun-warmed water bottle must be one of the worst feelings in the world. However, a not so small company called Hydroflask plan to get rid of it all together. Hydroflask have combined the style and portability of a regular water bottle with the insulating properties of a vacuum thermos. This basically means that this flask is going to keep your drinks cool and your style hot.


Cool in every way.

Hydroflask 32oz

Hydroflask claim that the 32oz wide mouth flask can keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 6 hours. This is because they are using their new Tempshield insulation, which not only keeps drinks at steady temperatures for remarkable lengths of time, but the pro-grade stainless steel won’t transfer flavors, so your drinks don’t get that horrible metallic taste. The flask also has a Red Dot award-winning insulated cap, which helps maintain the temperature inside, but also allows the bottle to be clipped onto stuff like your rucksack by the attachment loop. When using the flask, I was absolutely blown away by the insulation properties it had. I filled my flask up in the morning before a hike and it was still chilled when I came back, and even sitting at my desk overnight it never warmed. I think 24 hours of cold would be quite a push, but I really don’t mind because even having around 20 hours is easily enough for my needs.


24 hours of ice-cold.

The design of the flask is something to admire; it won an IF design award in 2015 because of it (take that). The colour choices of the bottles are full and vibrant. I went with the pacific blue which looks gorgeous, but sadly colors are limited in the UK. With most water bottles I would cover them in stickers and let them get beat up, but not the Hydroflask. The smooth proprietary powder coat gives a sweat-free grip and doesn’t show scratches or scrapes, and the colour is just too beautiful to be covered up. I did find that the flask was very thick, which meant I couldn’t fit it in my rucksack side pocket which was very annoying, but I guess I could just attach it with the carabineer loop. I can imagine that someone with small hands might find it difficult to use single-handedly. I liked the soft silicone lid, and it never leaked because of the strong seal. However, it was annoying how the lid is detachable, compared to the old tethered style; this meant that the lid would be more likely to get lost and it just made it an added inconvenience.

Overall, the Hydroflask water bottle will definitely be taking a place in my rucksack for future travels. The 32oz size (pretty much a liter) is perfect for a day trip, and the insulation will keep my drinks cold (or hot) the whole time. The flask might be a bit thick and the cap a little inconvenient, but the combination of good looks and fantastic functionality make this one definite recommendation.

The award winning carry handle.

The award-winning carry handle.

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