My Favourite Gopro Travel Accessories

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When I bought my Gopro, I had no idea how large the spectrum of accessories and mounts there were to accompany it, and I soon realised that I would have to spend almost the same on accessories as I did on the bloomin’ camera itself! I’ve gone through hundreds of different accessories, and finally have come down to a select few which I like to take with me when I travel the world!

POV pole

Get the iconic Gopro perspective with the world famous “selfie stick”. These poles are really good for group shots, and I believe that they bring out the best of what  your Gopro has to offer. I use the SP POV pole because of how small it is, and Gopro also do a good one which triples as a tripod and grip, but it’s super expensive! These poles are easy to just chuck in your bag, and if you only take one mount with you on your trip then it should be this one! Buy now


Using the POV pole on the slopes


I love the first person view which the head strap gives, and it really helps to immerse the viewer in the action. I put it onto helmets instead of wasting sticky mounts, and it can also be changed into a mouth grip for surfing! The original Gopro version comes with a “quickclip”, which can be used instead of a bulky chesty mount. Buy now

Disposable sticky mounts

I buy these in bulk off Ebay and bring several along with me wherever I go. They’re great for putting your Gopro in hard to get to places, and can easily be removed with a credit card or hairdryer. Buy now


Surfing with the surfboard sticky mount

Gopole Grenade Grip

The Grenade grip by Gopole is a simple hand grip whose main purpose is to stop the dreaded shaky footage! Usually I just take my POV pole with me, but this is a lot smaller, and also floats when you attach the floaty mount, and so it’s great for Surfing! Buy now

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 18.35.42

Chasing dolphins in Galicia with the Grenade grip

Hi-Torque Thumbscrew

These come with all Gopole products and are one of the most useful things I have. They’re a lifesaver when you’re trying to change mounts in negative conditions and you don’t need to take your gloves off, and also mean that you can make your Gopro really secure so that it won’t fall off. There are a few different models online, but they all kinda do the same thing which is just making your Gopro life so much easier. Buy now


There’s nothing worse than seeing your £200-400 Gopro sinking to the bottom of the Ocean. stick a Gopro floaty (basically a huge orange sponge) to the back of your beloved camera every time you go near the water, and then you can be as reckless as you want. Short rope tethers are also another way of keeping your Gopro safe. Buy now

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 20.39.35

Bottom turns in Cornwall with the floaty

Gorilla Pod Tripod

Basically just a miniature version of the traditional Gorilla pod, these keep your Gopro upright on any surface, and are perfect for family photos or time lapses. Buy now


Most of the time I just chuck all my Gopro kit into a small Topo designs accessory bag, but when I go on longer trips and need more kit I like to put it all into a Gopole venture case. There are many foam filled cases littered across the internet which offer small cutouts for the different accessories, but I find that they waste a lot of space, and so I like the ones with small dividers because you can fit a lot more stuff into them, and I’ve had no problems with mine yet; Gopro also do a good divider style case. Buy now

Anker portable Charger

Running out of power while shooting is a filmer’s nightmare, especially if you miss out on an awesome bit of action. I alway bring my Anker portable charger when I travel because of its whopping 20100mah of power, but spare batteries are also a good option if you’re limited on space. Buy now

Gopro’s are awesome, and this is just my opinion on what I think you should take with you. Why not write in the comments if there’s anything that you think I missed out!