Nectar Sunglasses

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Nectar sunglasses are causing a massive stir up in the wearable industry. Their quality is awesome but their prices are crazy cheap; I’ve been wearing mine over the last few weeks and here’s my opinion.

Nectar Sunglasses Review

To start off with, let’s talk about the design. If you go onto the Nectar website, you’ll see how there are so many different designs and models, and Nectar are a huge fan of their tinted lenses. They also have a (more limited) selection of polarised glasses which are only $10 more expensive. The finish on the frame of the glasses is matt with a nectar logo on the sides. I found the glasses to be very comfortable and could easily wear them for long periods of time when exploring cities or hiking on a hot day. Their most popular sunglasses are the wayfarer style ones, which look really good and it’s actually quite hard to differentiate between them and the legitimate Ray ban versions.


However I did find that the metal joints on the frame were seizing up, and one was very stiff while the other was very loose! I thought I could live with it but it soon became very annoying, however it was nothing that the trusty screwdriver couldn’t sort out.

On an environmental point of view, the packaging is limited to save on waste and all that is in the box are the sunglasses, a pouch and a pretty rad sticker for putting on all your gear or on your mate’s back. The ethos of the company itself is pretty unique, just look on the back of the box where is says “DO EPIC SHIT”, and all of the descriptions of the sunglasses on their website are crazy and raw.

However, the most eye-popping amazing thing about these sunglasses is how budget that price tag is. Only $20 for a pair of sunglasses?! You might as well just buy a few pairs now to have spare in the bottom of your rucksack. Also, if you use this LINK, you get $5 off which makes it only $15!!! I think I’m gonna pass out from how much shouting I’ve been doing in this post…

Anyways, these sunglasses are for people who want a quality pair of sunnies without a crazy price tag, and also want to do the world a favour by making it that little bit more awesome. Pick up yours HERE now.