The INDESTRUCTIBLE Travel Sunglasses

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To be honest with you, I used to hate sunglasses; they would shatter in my pocket and break in my rucksack, they were way too expensive (£100 for Ray bans!!) and always seemed to become boring and out of fashion after no time at all.

That was all until I discovered SunGod sunglasses.

These sunglasses didn’t break, weren’t expensive, were easily customisable and are virtually INDESTRUCTIBLE! They have this crazy new “adventure-proof” technology which means you can bend them, twist them, sit on them and do all other kinds of shit to them and they ain’t going to break. The frame bends with the pressure and then springs back to the normal shape; I tried bending them as much as I could and their claim pretty much lives up to itself, I only found minor changes from the original shape which could easily be fixed with a bit of tweaking. I love the fact that I can chuck these sunglasses in my back pocket or in the depths of my rucksack, and have no worries at all about what they’re going to look like at the other end.


The lenses are also a thing of beauty, named as “4K Optics”, their clarity is mesmerizing, especially with the polarised versions. But the best is yet to come: you can change the lenses anytime you want. Want to have black lenses for the sleek dinner part you’re going to in Nice? Change it up. Want to have fiery red reflective lenses for the slopes of Tinges? Change it up. Gone are the days when you need multiple different pairs of sunglasses, and when you have to buy a completely new pair every time a lens gets scratched. SunGod are creating a big stir up in the sunglasses industry.


Did I forget to mention that they’re completely customisable? Everybody’s got their own style, so why not reflect that through your sunglasses? I went for a matte grey frame and legs with a reflective blue polarised lens, but there are so many different options you can choose to suit you own fashion! The polarised versions do cost a bit more, so only get them if you’re going to be wearing them a lot and would benefit from that extra protection.

As you can see, the model I have is the classics2, but SunGod also have an aviator style pair of glasses, and a very tempting pair of ski goggles.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the price. For only £45 (£60 for the polarised versions) I think that these shades are an absolute steal, and I don’t know why you’re still reading this review and haven’t actually bought a pair yet. There are cheaper glasses out there, such as Nectar and Hawkers who are both respectable brands, but they just don’t live up to the standards which SunGod have created.

SunGod have changed my perspective on sunglasses, and they’re guaranteed to change yours too.

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  • Joss

    Great sunglasses! How do they measure up against Hawkers?

    • Nick Whitley

      Thanks Joss! Hawkers are pretty good, but they’re still developing and so I found that their customer sevice wasn’t the best. They are cheaper, so it’s good if you don’t have the budget for Sungods, but Sungods are an investment for the future because of their durability and so you might go through two or three pairs of Hawkers compared to just one pair of Sungods. It’s down to your own personal taste, but I would go for the Sungods.

  • Fred

    Nice review! Mine are in the post now!!

    • Nick Whitley

      Thanks Fred! You’re gonna love them!!