Swago Scents; Bringing style to travel

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It’s a well-known fact that the words men, travel and hygiene are never really heard in the same sentence. But why shouldn’t they?

This is where SwagoScents come in. They make cologne that can fit in your wallet, is disposable and is definitely not going to smash inside your bag. It’s cologne in a WIPE, something so awesomely simple that you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t think of it first. It’s not only really practical, but it also smells GREAT. The amount of times I’ve had people asking: “How come you smell so good?” and “where did you get your cologne from?” is too many to count; and it has seriously boosted my confidence at dinner parties and events around the world.


The Ultimate Travel Cologne

They come in four different scents, which are appropriately named: Champ, Gentlemen, VIP and Legend. All you have to do is peel open the packet, wipe the scented pad over your “swag” zones, and before you know it you’ll be smelling beautiful.

There’s never been a solution to the male hygiene problem; no one takes bottles of cologne with them because they will certainly break (which trust me is not fun), you won’t be able to fit some kind of atomizer in your wallet, and you might only go somewhere smart a few times on your travels, so why waste space taking a huge bottle?

I don’t use my SwagoScents while I’m at home, because that would just be waste and that’s not really what their designed for. It’s more of an on the go kinda product, which has now become a very welcome part of my every day carry; I use them when I am coming outa the gym and want to freshen up, or when the absence of washing machines in Morocco is really starting to take its toll.

You can pick these up on the new SwagoScents online store, and do it in bulk so that you always have spare.

SwagoScents are the only proper contenders in the wipe cologne market, and they seem to be a shining beacon as to the innovation which is happening throughout the industry.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram to really understand their ethos and aims.

Buy Here: http://www.swagoscents.com/