The Hydroflask 32oz Widemouth

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Chugging down water from a sun-warmed water bottle must be one of the worst feelings in the world. However, a not so small company called Hydroflask plan to get rid of it all together. Hydroflask have combined the style and portability of a regular water bottle with the insulating properties of a vacuum thermos. This basically means that this flask … Read More

ENO Sub7 Hammock Review

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I never used to bring a hammock with me; I always thought it was the reserve of old sea dogs in galleons and middle-aged men in their back garden. But when I was given the opportunity to try out the new ENO Sub7 hammock, it was a bit of a revelation. ENO Sub7 Hammock The ENO Sub7 hammock is stupidly light. … Read More

The INDESTRUCTIBLE Travel Sunglasses

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To be honest with you, I used to hate sunglasses; they would shatter in my pocket and break in my rucksack, they were way too expensive (£100 for Ray bans!!) and always seemed to become boring and out of fashion after no time at all. That was all until I discovered SunGod sunglasses. These sunglasses didn’t break, weren’t expensive, were … Read More