Hummingbird Single Hammock Review

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Hummingbird Single Hammock

Small. That is the first thing which comes to mind when you open the box. This hammock packs down bloody small. It’s about the size of an orange. I almost didn’t want to take it out of the bag because it seemed so perfect just sitting there, all packed up nice and cozy… anyways back to the review on the … Read More

The Hydroflask 32oz Widemouth

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Chugging down water from a sun-warmed water bottle must be one of the worst feelings in the world. However, a not so small company called Hydroflask plan to get rid of it all together. Hydroflask have combined the style and portability of a regular water bottle with the insulating properties of a vacuum thermos. This basically means that this flask … Read More

Make Your Next Family Get-Together Memorable in Branson

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About the Author:  April is an online publisher for The Cabins at Grand Mountain in Branson, MO. She often writes about camping, Midwest travelling and log cabin experiences. If you are planning a family vacation to the Midwest, make your destination Branson. This small city has a reputation for a family friendly vacation spot for a good reason. There is a … Read More

Anker PowerPort Solar Lite Review

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After the recent Earth Day, the whole world has had a kick up the metaphorical backside to get its act together with climate change. The movement for renewable energy has finally become a reality. More and more countries are harnessing the power of the sun, wind and oceans to give them the energy they need. When Anker told me that … Read More

High5 Sports Nutrition for Beginners

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Sometimes travel doesn’t mean lounging out in the first class lounge or backpacking through all the full-moon parties in Thailand; sometimes you’ve actually gotta put your back into a real adventure to reap the full benefits of exploration. For me, this involves a week-long ski touring trip of the world-famous ”Haute Route” coming up in five weeks, and I know … Read More

ENO Sub7 Hammock Review

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I never used to bring a hammock with me; I always thought it was the reserve of old sea dogs in galleons and middle-aged men in their back garden. But when I was given the opportunity to try out the new ENO Sub7 hammock, it was a bit of a revelation. ENO Sub7 Hammock The ENO Sub7 hammock is stupidly light. … Read More

Nectar Sunglasses

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Nectar sunglasses are causing a massive stir up in the wearable industry. Their quality is awesome but their prices are crazy cheap; I’ve been wearing mine over the last few weeks and here’s my opinion. Nectar Sunglasses Review To start off with, let’s talk about the design. If you go onto the Nectar website, you’ll see how there are so … Read More

Minaal Daily 2.0 Review – Travel Light

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With ideas borne from endless hours spent in transit, business meetings, and the back seat of a tuk-tuk, Minaal is a travel gear company aiming to make your travels faster, happier and more productive. They lead the fight against the evil ‘Travel Drag’, which they define as “Anything that slows you down, mentally or physically, from reaching your destination.” With … Read More

Marco Polo Review- The Map King

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I love maps. The whole concept of how you can visualise a whole city from just looking at a single sheet of paper is just mesmerizing. My favourite Maps out there are Marco polo, not just because they have an awesome name, but because of the quality and detail they put into the products they create. Phones are great and … Read More

The INDESTRUCTIBLE Travel Sunglasses

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To be honest with you, I used to hate sunglasses; they would shatter in my pocket and break in my rucksack, they were way too expensive (£100 for Ray bans!!) and always seemed to become boring and out of fashion after no time at all. That was all until I discovered SunGod sunglasses. These sunglasses didn’t break, weren’t expensive, were … Read More