Top 5 Ski Resorts for Every Personality 2015/6

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1.Zermatt – Picturesque Perfection Zermatt is the best ski resort in the whole of Europe. The runs are beautiful and have fantastic panoramic views of the Matterhorn, and the town itself is beautiful with all the wooden ski chalets and little churches which you would expect from a European resort. Switzerland is very expensive, so it’s not the best for … Read More

The Best Travel Skateboards

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Travelling the world by skateboard? Sounds pretty cool! Burning calories and looking cool while exploring the globe doesn’t sound like a bad combination to me! Skateboards are the way to go, and here are a few of my favourite: 1.Penny Board Penny boards are the most famous travel boards out there. They’re all over social media and are quintessentially “indie”. … Read More

Best Travel iPhone Cases

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The iPhone is a beatiful piece of crafted machinery, and more of a piece of artwork than a tool. But it doesn’t look so pretty once its been droped down a flight of steps in Cambodia or shredded by the white sandy beaches of the Seychelles. iPhones and cases are meant to be together, and you are definitely going to … Read More

TravelGrams – Nov 2015

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My Favourite Travelgrams of November 2015 TripHackr Triphackr is a celebrity within the travel blogging world because of his crazy tricks and tips on how to travel on the cheap, and inspires you to get out and travel even if you think you can’y afford it! (His 23.9K followers is only more persuasion to follow!) 2. Jmtbaetulo Although jmtbaetulo’s photos are … Read More

Best Travel Video – Nov 2015

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This amazing video from KOLD shows a year packed to the brim with travel and adventure! The reason I love this video so much is because of the optimistic and excited vibes which resonate from it, and how inspired you feel at the end of it. The 16:9 video format gives the video a professional look, and gives a step … Read More

How to Start a Travel Blog for Dummies

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Just to clear the air, when I say “for dummies”, I am not trying to greatly offend everyone whose reading this right now, all I’m trying to show is that this guide is really simple and it’s how I made this blog (and I’m nothing special). The world of websites can seem pretty daunting at first, and the idea that … Read More

My Favourite Gopro Travel Accessories

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When I bought my Gopro, I had no idea how large the spectrum of accessories and mounts there were to accompany it, and I soon realised that I would have to spend almost the same on accessories as I did on the bloomin’ camera itself! I’ve gone through hundreds of different accessories, and finally have come down to a select … Read More

What to take on a City Break

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What to take on a city Break Deciding on what you should bring on a city break can be a difficult one, so I’ve compiled a list of the essentials I take on every city break (short or long) in a hope to make packing a lot easier for you! 1. Smart Shirt For those occasions when you need to … Read More

B’twin Triban 500 Road Bike

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The B’twin Triban 500 road bike is arguably the best bike out there for someone who needs something powerful, but on a low-budget. Price: £260 Technical To make the Triban so cheap, B’twin have made sacrifices in some areas. The gears are SRAM X-3, which are perfectly fine on the flat, but start to lack in efficiency when they are put … Read More