ENO Sub7 Hammock Review

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I never used to bring a hammock with me; I always thought it was the reserve of old sea dogs in galleons and middle-aged men in their back garden. But when I was given the opportunity to try out the new ENO Sub7 hammock, it was a bit of a revelation. ENO Sub7 Hammock The ENO Sub7 hammock is stupidly light. … Read More

Minaal Daily 2.0 Review – Travel Light

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With ideas borne from endless hours spent in transit, business meetings, and the back seat of a tuk-tuk, Minaal is a travel gear company aiming to make your travels faster, happier and more productive. They lead the fight against the evil ‘Travel Drag’, which they define as “Anything that slows you down, mentally or physically, from reaching your destination.” With … Read More

Marco Polo Review- The Map King

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I love maps. The whole concept of how you can visualise a whole city from just looking at a single sheet of paper is just mesmerizing. My favourite Maps out there are Marco polo, not just because they have an awesome name, but because of the quality and detail they put into the products they create. Phones are great and … Read More

The INDESTRUCTIBLE Travel Sunglasses

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To be honest with you, I used to hate sunglasses; they would shatter in my pocket and break in my rucksack, they were way too expensive (£100 for Ray bans!!) and always seemed to become boring and out of fashion after no time at all. That was all until I discovered SunGod sunglasses. These sunglasses didn’t break, weren’t expensive, were … Read More

The Best Travel Skateboards

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Travelling the world by skateboard? Sounds pretty cool! Burning calories and looking cool while exploring the globe doesn’t sound like a bad combination to me! Skateboards are the way to go, and here are a few of my favourite: 1.Penny Board Penny boards are the most famous travel boards out there. They’re all over social media and are quintessentially “indie”. … Read More

Top 3 Tips for Traveling like a Boss

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1. Don’t Plan Planning is great for short trips when you want to fit in as much as possible, but when you’re on long tours around the world then it really isn’t necessary. Local knowledge is the best knowledge, and those locals don’t usually write on the internet or live near you, so you’re only going to find out about … Read More

The Forces that Created Dartmoor

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‘Assess the significance of both endogenic and exogenic forces in shaping the landscape and landforms of Dartmoor’ Dartmoor is a geographical goldmine, and as Alan Lee quotes: “Dartmoor contains such a rich variety of landscape, as many boulders, foaming rivers and twisted trees as my heart could ever desire”. Dartmoor was declared a national park in 1951, and it covers … Read More

My Favourite Gopro Travel Accessories

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When I bought my Gopro, I had no idea how large the spectrum of accessories and mounts there were to accompany it, and I soon realised that I would have to spend almost the same on accessories as I did on the bloomin’ camera itself! I’ve gone through hundreds of different accessories, and finally have come down to a select … Read More

What to take on a City Break

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What to take on a city Break Deciding on what you should bring on a city break can be a difficult one, so I’ve compiled a list of the essentials I take on every city break (short or long) in a hope to make packing a lot easier for you! 1. Smart Shirt For those occasions when you need to … Read More

B’twin Triban 500 Road Bike

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The B’twin Triban 500 road bike is arguably the best bike out there for someone who needs something powerful, but on a low-budget. Price: £260 Technical To make the Triban so cheap, B’twin have made sacrifices in some areas. The gears are SRAM X-3, which are perfectly fine on the flat, but start to lack in efficiency when they are put … Read More