The Best Travel Skateboards

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Travelling the world by skateboard? Sounds pretty cool! Burning calories and looking cool while exploring the globe doesn’t sound like a bad combination to me! Skateboards are the way to go, and here are a few of my favourite:

1.Penny Board


Penny boards are the most famous travel boards out there. They’re all over social media and are quintessentially “indie”. The graphics are sick, the size and weight is perfect (if you get the 22″ version) and they carve like your surfing a wave; the only downside is the price (there are fake ones for about £20 on Amazon) and the fact that everybody has one.

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2. Duster Grind cruiser


Duster make a fantastic maple wood cruiser, which has a fantastic varnish finish and a much larger deck than the penny board. It doesn’t have the same flex as a Pennyboard, and so the carving sensation isn’t as nice, but it’s actually really good for the price and looks rather vintage. The size of this board makes it quite impractical, so it might not be the best if you’re trying to go lightweight.

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3. Salt Surf


Salt Surf are a company who are trying to bring surfing and skating back to basics. Their pigeon grey cruiser, looks stunning but will leave you broke by the end of it ($220!!). I you want something that is handmade and from sustainable sources, then this is the board for you.

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4. Enjoi


Your standard skateboard for those of you who wouldn’t mind chucking in a few rail slides and kickflips as you hit up Paris. Enjoi have some of the top rated boards in the world, and are guaranteed to not let you down. This would be a great board for city breaks, but you’ll end up having no feeling left in your body if you ride it on anything which is not silky smooth tarmac.

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Comment what your favourite boards are!

  • jim harding

    hiya Nick, have you heard of the stowboard, its a foldable skateboard essentially and came in handy when I was in Japan. Love the review 😀