Top 3 Tips for Traveling like a Boss

Nick WhitleyThe Best of the BestLeave a Comment

1. Don’t Plan


Planning is great for short trips when you want to fit in as much as possible, but when you’re on long tours around the world then it really isn’t necessary.

Local knowledge is the best knowledge, and those locals don’t usually write on the internet or live near you, so you’re only going to find out about the best places to visit when you actually get to that country. If you’re free from deadlines and schedules, then you can spend more time in the places you love, and walk-through the places which don’t have the same charm. Plan out the fundamentals, but leave a week here or there to really discover your country.

2. Travel Light


This tip has probably been drilled into you more times than you can remember, but that’s because it’s the most valuable tip out there. It’s really hard to decide not to take something, but you need to remember that if you need it then you can buy it out there and it will probably be cheaper than it is here! I always used to take too much, but now I take the same few items for almost every trip, and it has completely transformed the way I travel! Don’t be scared of taking too little because the benefits completely outweigh the drawbacks.

3. Take More Money


“Bring twice the cash and half the clothes” is a common saying, and it usually works. Always take more money than you think you’ll need in case of a quick detour or an emergency, and it’s awesome to come back home and have some spare cash to spend! If everyone in your group is going on an awesome trip ziplining in the Costa Rica rainforest, then you don’t want to be left behind in the hostel because you’d spent all your money.

If you have any favourite tips then tell me about them in the comments below!