What to take on a City Break

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What to take on a city Break

Deciding on what you should bring on a city break can be a difficult one, so I’ve compiled a list of the essentials I take on every city break (short or long) in a hope to make packing a lot easier for you!

1. Smart Shirt

For those occasions when you need to dress up. One is usually enough for a short weekend away.

2. Eastpak Duffel

Durable, comfortable and smart; these bags can carry a lot and definitely won’t break on you. Mine is a 36l version, but sometimes I swap it for my Topo Designs Rover Pack for overnighters. Buy Now

3. Jawbone Speaker

Perfect for hotel room jams and road trips. I like the jawbone because of its slim size, but the UE boom and Bose sound link mini produce a much louder and better quality sound.  Buy Now

4. Nocs Earphones

Not only are these super stylish, but the quality is amazing. When traveling you tend to be listening to music for the most of it, so get some good quality buds. i used to just stick with the apple standards, but after listening to something a bit more expensive I’m completely converted; it’s amazing the different experience you get with a slight change in audio quality. Buy Now

5. Iphone + life proof case

Your phone is basically your do-everything, and it is a complete lifesaver on any trip. Get a good case to protect it (I use the lifeproof), and also make sure it’s unlocked so that you can easily change your carrier when you go abroad, and avoid those nasty service charges! On short trips I tend to just take my phone by itself rather then lugging around my laptop, iPad and iPod as well; it has also got a bloomin’ good camera! Buy Now
6. Portable charger

Electricity is your friend. The number of times my phone or camera has died on me is too large to count, and it’s so easy to just chuck one of these in your bag when you go. I use the Anker 20000mah battery because of its size and power (charges my phone 8 times!). Buy Now

7. Good Book

Give your eyes a break from screens in the evening by getting stuck into a good book. the best are ones which relate to the place which you’re visiting, and so give you hints on what you should explore tomorrow. Buy Now

8. Replacement watch

Really good if you’re going somewhere which is known for petty theft and pick pockets. Leave your nice watch at home and just take a cheap one. They can be easily replaced and mean less worrying! I use a simple CASIO. Buy Now

9. Sunnies

When you’re cool, the sun shines on you 24 hours a day. Buy Now

10. Portable wash stuff

Don’t let the airport security mug you off with their sub 100ml rules. Come prepared.


Travelling light makes airports a lot more enjoyable.